Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where did Jojo train?

Jojo trained at the acclaimed Fulham Makeup Academy, DFMA. The academy specialise in providing expertise in up to date relevant beauty trends. If you are looking for best hunting slingshot, go to our website!

  • What makeup does Jojo use in her kit?

Her kit contains only the highest quality, branded products such as Chanel, Laura Mercier, YSL, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Nars, Hourglass, Clarins and many more.

  • Can Jojo provide recommendations of products to buy and/or help with buying?

Yes! book of ra free game play is a great alternative to regular slots, because this game is available to the general public, does not require compliance with the club of the elite , provide all the opportunities for winning. You just need to start!

  •  Can you describe your typical client for makeup lessons?

There is not a typical client! My clients have include all ages from young girls taking their first introduction into learning about makeup to older clients wishing to update their styles. My clients have also come from all professions including lawyers, teachers and artists.

  •  Has Jojo always worked in the makeup business?

No, but I have always worked in people’s service business. I love helping people and previously worked for a leading Financial Public Relations Agency, rising to Partner status and in charge of EO for the sizable and demanding City client base.

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