Makeup Lessons

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Whether you want to update your daytime makeup, make a fresh start with new products or cultivate your own signature style, this lesson is a life-changing step towards feeling your ‘Beautiful Best’. Building on the knowledge and products you already have, Jojo will give you professional tips and techniques you never knew existed: little nuggets of know-how that will make you naturally noticeable every day. Together we will examine the unique balance of your face. I will show you how to choose products, select shades and develop a bespoke application routine for an effortlessly polished daytime look with the perfect level of impact. This is not a sit-and-watch session! This is a hands-on, give-it-a-go, have-some-fun, one-to-one guided tutorial. If you are looking for best hunting slingshot, go to our website!

Group Makeup Lesson (Max 5 people)

A bonding experience…

Makeup is fun and fascinating and it can bring us girls together like nothing else (except perhaps shoes and champagne!) Applying our makeup alongside friends, sisters, mums and daughters is a sign of our special trust in each other. My group lessons are perfect for celebrating this female bond – while gaining lifelong makeup skills and knowledge.

My group lessons are long enough to treat you and each of your friends as beautifully unique, identifying which techniques and colours will work well for you and working through a tailored routine you’ll love to follow at home. book of ra free game play is a great alternative to regular slots, because this game is available to the general public, does not require compliance with the club of the elite , provide all the opportunities for winning. You just need to start!

Makeup Mentor

Makeup Lessons Tunbridge Wells, Kent and East Sussex

Come and see Jojo in the comfort of her relaxing home (on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells, Kent) and spend some quality time on yourself. Jojo offers a unique and hugely popular Private One-to-One Makeup Lesson. Over 2 hours you will uncover the underlying issues, chat through your day to day Makeup routine and work together on improving it.

The correct makeup applied with skill can shave off the years and create younger looking, glowing skin. If you feel that your complexion is ageing faster than you then speak with Jojo and rebuild your confidence! She can show you how to accentuate your best features and reproduce a makeup that you can use in your daily life

During your Consultation Jojo will assess your skin, recommending products suitable for you. If you would like she can analyse your makeup bag and work with you to establish the correct products and shades suited to your skin tone, complexion and colouring.

Jojo will gently guide you through how to apply products to achieve a flawless finish that lasts. She will work on one half of your face while you recreate the look on the other, allowing you to really understand your technique until you feel completely comfortable. She offers lots of practical help in showing you how to create a day time look that can be easily adapted to an evening look.

It is the perfect opportunity to have all your makeup questions answered by a professional makeup artist and learn new skills: shading, blending, and contouring.

Jojo’s Makeup Lessons are ideal for those who need to update their look, Brides marrying abroad or simply a great Birthday or Anniversary gift.

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